April 2011
Distinction in a Baumit „Facade of the Yaer 2010” competition for the investment "Gant to Olsza" in a category of „New building above 1000 m2”.

June 2010
Distinction in the Jacek Michalski competition for arch. Józef Białasik and arch. Witold Bolek.

June 2010
Distinction in a competition for the title of Cracow Housing Developer of the Year 2010 and Golden Falcoln Award for Awim Development for „Estate Eldorado” at Jana Pawła street In Cracow.

April 2010
Distinction in a Baumit „Facade of the Yaer 2009” competition for Housing Complex „Salwator City” in a category of „New building above 1000 m2”.

March 2010
Distinction in the competition for architectural conceptual design of cultural-gastronomic-hotel complex in Dobrzeń Wielki.

December 2009
Completion of realization of  council buildings in Praefa technology in Kamień Pomorski on the basis of our project. The social buildings were built for families injured in fire, which had place in april last year.

October 2009
2nd prize in a competition for urban and architectural conceptual design of an Administration Center on Piłsudskiego street in Rzeszów.

October 2009
1st prize in competition for conceptual design of Single-family housing complex on Kwietna street in Cracow.

June 2009
3rd degree prize in contest „Building of the Year 2008” for the complex of flats and apartments „Ukryte Pragnienia”.
June 2009
Distinction in the public square design competition for Plac Nowy in Cracow.

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